Auto Accidents

Car accidents happen all of a sudden and may seem to the victims like a thunderbolt out of the sky. Some auto accidents leave the motorists with injuries or they may even be fatal. Causes include victim’s negligence, carelessness of another person, or both. Whoever is responsible, if there is a way to recover the loss, even if only monetary, it may be a comfort.

Krasney Law can help you if you’ve been in a wreck. The injured person or families of those who died can file a lawsuit or present a claim against the parties liable. They may be able to recover medical expenses and even monetary compensation for physical and mental agony.

First we have to determine whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit or claim. Let an auto accident attorney at Krasney Law help determine whether you have a case. We are experts in accident and personal injury law. Our phone number is (909) 380-7200. The initial consultation is free, and we collect no fees unless there is a settlement or the case goes to trial.