Dog Bites

Dog bites are common phenomena and often we take them lightly. But it should not be overlooked as even a minor bite from a small dog can cause serious damage. Whether it is a cute little pet dog or a street one, its bite can put you in real trouble. If a dog bite is left untreated, it may result in serious infections and ailments, consisting of permanent muscle damage and deep tissue scars. If the condition gets severe, you may have to undergo a major reconstructive surgery.

Moreover, a dog bite victim may suffer from mental trauma and depression, if the dog bite leaves permanent scars on face, arms or other exposed body parts. If the dog has an owner, then he is liable to pay compensation to the person injured and his family, for the trouble caused by his dog. Just give a call to the team at Krasney Law any time, if you or your family member is bitten by a dog.