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Krasney Law Slip and Fall Attorneys and staff have all the expertise needed to obtain a favorable judgment if you are injured in a slip and fall case. We are one of the top personal injury law firms in California. We will do all we can to ensure you get just compensation for your injuries.

In the case of a slip or fall accident, the law doesn’t hold businesses responsible for the accident unless the company or its employees failed to meet a legal duty of care. If you want to sue for an injury that happened at a business location, you must prove that the business was legally at fault.

Slip and fall injuries can happen in a variety of ways. All business establishments can be sued for slips, falls, and collisions. The owners of a business can be sued based on poor hiring, supervision, or training of employees. California has its own laws that determine the standards of care that can apply in any personal injury case involving a business. We at Krasney Law are experts in slip and fall law.


How Can We Help?


If you are injured, we can help you with your claim for compensation from the responsible store, organization or property owner where your fall occurred. If you find yourself in this situation, call the team at Krasney Law.

Many insurance companies try to pay as little as possible, even less than what you have coming. Also, some slip and fall accident victims may need to file a lawsuit to get the insurance company to pay. Keep in mind, getting you back to good health is the No. 1 priority.

Krasney Law’s expert attorneys and staff can investigate the circumstances of an accident and file suit for maximum damages to see that our clients get what they need to cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Or, we can negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement in exchange for your injuries. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.



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What To Do in Case of a Slip and Fall Injury


If you are injured, the first thing you should do is seek medical care, of course. Then, when you are well enough, notify your insurance company that you are injured. Also, get a copy of the police report..

The next thing you should do is retain the legal counsel of a knowledgeable California personal injury attorney. A Krasney Law attorney will ask you questions to find out how your slip and fall accident happened, the location and what you were doing there. The attorney will also ask you what medical treatments you’ve had. Be honest with your lawyer. If you have access to witnesses, newspaper articles or accident reports, gather them and provide them to the attorney.


What Not To Do In Case of a Slip and Fall Injury

If you encounter someone at the scene who was somehow at fault in the accident that resulted in your injury, be cooperative and courteous, but do not apologize or admit to any guilt. If you do you may be conceding they are not liable.

Talk only to your lawyer and your own insurance company about the accident. If the other party’s insurance company calls you, refer them to your lawyer or your own insurance company. Don’t speak with the other side’s insurance company without first calling our office. Please keep in mind, the insurance company will want to take a recorded statement to protect themselves, not you. They represent the party that injured you, and they are trying to reduce their financial liability.

Don’t give a recorded statement to anyone, especially insurance companies. They will use your own words against you later on in the case


What To Do After You Go Home

Make sure to record visits to doctors and other medical practitioners, the drugs and treatments they prescribe and what you spent on them. Pain and suffering are harder to quantify and qualify, but take notes on how you feel physically and mentally because of the impact of the injury.

Also write down all time lost at work, note what activities at work or home that you can no longer participate in, and tell how the aftermath of the accident has affected your family life.


When Can It Be Considered Neglect?


A party whose premises result in injury to another party may be considered negligent when the party acts in a careless and thoughtless manner. Negligence comes in two forms: when the party failed to do something that would have prevented the accident, or when they did something he should not have done.

California law requires property owners to be careful, and they may be considered negligent when they fail to act carefully. A person bringing a lawsuit must prove he was injured through the defendant’s actions, and that he suffered injuries or losses.

Further, courts understand that businesses can’t prevent every slip and fall accident from occurring. Courts require that businesses exercise the same amount of care as a reasonably prudent person would. This means guarding against foreseeable problems and taking reasonable precautions to prevent accidents. You can recover damages for most types of personal injury only if you can prove that the business failed in these duties.


Hire Krasney Law— Top California Slip and Fall Attorneys


To get a free evaluation of your case, speak with a Krasney Law attorney who understands the complexities of slip and fall injury claims. We have been winning big awards for our clients for years. We have experienced attorneys and expert staff who will go all out to represent you for maximum damages. Call the team at Krasney Law for a free initial consultation. We will charge you nothing for an initial consultation, and we may arrange payment on a contingency basis. That is, we don’t get paid unless you get paid by either accepting a settlement or we go to trial and win your case.


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