Slips and Falls

It is very difficult to prove that businesses are responsible for a slip and fall case. The reason behind this is that, the courts understand that it is not possible for businesses to prevent and control every slip and fall accident, and thus cannot be held responsible always.

So, if you want to sue a business for a slip and fall accident that has occurred in that particular business location, then you have to prove that the company has failed to meet a legal duty of care towards the person injured. Only if the company has failed to provide the injured person with care and cure, then only they can be held responsible by the court, otherwise not. The businesses can be sued for slips, falls, and collisions, on grounds of poor hiring, supervision, or training of employees.

The businesses are liable to provide minimum care to the injured person who has slipped and fell inside the company premises. You can claim compensation for the damage caused, if the company fails to deliver these basic duties, but you have to prove it before the court.

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