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Spinal Compression Fracture From Fall

Injuries to the spine happen when the vertebrae are compressed in height and when the load on the vertebrae exceeds its strength.

spinal compression fracture xray

Each year there are over 29 million emergency room visits in the United States. While some of these injuries are minor, many of them are serious, debilitating injuries that impact their victims for the rest of their lives.

Whether the accident involves a car or any case, the neck and back are one of the most common areas to be injured. Spinal compression fractures from falls, also known as vertebral compression fractures, is a type of spinal injury.

What is a Spinal Compression Fracture?

Fractures to the spine occur when the spine undergoes immense pressure causing the vertebra to fracture. These injuries can happen anywhere on our spine but unfortunately, tend to be most common in the upper back area also known as the thoracic spine.

What Causes Spinal Compression Fractures?

People with strong, healthy bones can suffer this type of injury when involved in a car accident or motorcycle accident and sometimes even slip and falls. Another common reason is with diseases like osteoporosis. When the spine suffers trauma and is compressed or sustains a serious blow, the vertebrae can break.

What Are The Symptoms of Spinal Compression Fractures?

There are a variety of different symptoms that can arise from a spinal compression fracture. A doctor will likely recommend that a spinal X-ray or MRI be taken to know for sure and possibly some other tests if needed. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • over an extended period, patients may notice a loss of height
  • pain in back, arms, or legs
  • Sudden onset of back pain
  • Limited mobility in the spine
  • numbness and/or weakness in arms or legs (if the fracture has affected the spinal cord and/or surrounding nerves in the spine
  • Spinal deformity
  • Gastrointestinal issues

If you have been in any kind of traumatic accident where your spine has been injured, make sure to seek medical attention right away. If you feel a sudden onset of pain in your back after being involved in a car accident, contact your doctor. If you fail to seek immediate medical care, the problem could worsen and cause even more damage and possibly lead to paralysis.

Spinal Compression Fracture Treatments

Depending on the severity of the injury, there are surgical and non-surgical options. Typically, non-surgical measures will be tried first. These include:

  • Bed rest
  • Vitamin D supplements
  • Calcium supplements
  • Pain relievers
  • Spinal brace
  • Medications to stabilize bone density
  • Epidural injections in the spine
  • Physical therapy

In either situation, the injury may keep you from being able to return to work, may limit what you’re able to do at work and will lead to medical bills. If you or a loved one have sustained multiple compression fractures in a vehicle accident due to another’s recklessness or negligence, you deserve to pursue compensation for all of your injuries and the costs associated with them. Make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer in your local area who can help you pay for your medical bills.

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