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Truck Accident FAQs

Answers to Truck Accident FAQ that You need to know

Truck vs. car accidents don’t happen with warnings! But in case it does, some truck accident FAQ can come handy at that distressing moment. Possessing some knowledge about what steps to follow, immediate steps to take, truck accident laws, and whom to contact, can help you decide what to do next. 

What should I do with my car immediately after a truck accident, when do I need a truck accident attorney, are there different laws for truck accidents in California… The questions are endless.  

Krasney Law’s expert lawyers in San Bernardino put together a list of truck accident FAQs to give you the basic answers. To get further help contact the experienced California truck accident lawyers who are experts in handling complicated California vehicle accident laws.

How is car vs truck accident different from car vs car accident?

Although both types of accidents involve automobiles, the size matters. Commercial trucks are huge and colliding with them can cause massive damage to cars, and increase the chances of injuries and loss of life. Typically cars weigh around 4000 pounds whereas commercial trucks may weigh anywhere between 35,000 to 80,000 pounds. 

The impact of a collision takes a greater toll on the smaller vehicle. The massive size of trucks makes them difficult to maneuver, and stop quickly. Truck accidents are more difficult to predict and avoid due to their size. Statistically, most truck accidents result in a higher rate of catastrophic injuries, and death.

What are the important things to do after being in a truck accident?

Passenger safety is the first thing to take care of. If possible give first aid to any injured passenger. If the situation requires, call 9-1-1 requesting immediate medical help. Report the matter to the police. 

Shoot videos and take pictures of the vehicles and the accident spot. 

Gather as much evidence as you can. Note down important information like the time of the accident, weather, condition of the roadway, any malfunction of traffic lights, or any piece of information that seems important. 

Talk to witnesses who saw what happened and gather their contact numbers if the situation permits. Words from the witnesses can help in determining whose fault it was. Visual evidence from photographs and videos can be helpful for building a strong case when you file a lawsuit and sue  for damages. 

Is it necessary to call the police after my truck accident?

Even if the truck accident did not damage your car severely (which is unlikely), you should always call the police. 

It is safer to let a police officer investigate and report the matter. Documenting the accident officially will help you get your insurance money and also work as a critical piece of evidence for any future issues related to the accident. Also, remember to contact a truck accident attorney who can take care of all the complicated legal hassles. 

Is it alright to remove my car from the spot after a truck accident?

No, even if your vehicle is in a driving condition, do not touch it if your safety is not at stake. Leave it exactly as it is, till the police arrive at the scene. Tell the truck driver also to do the same. Keeping the accident scene intact helps in police investigation. 

If your car or the truck is blocking the road and holding the traffic, there may be no other choice but to move the vehicles. In that case, take photographs of the accident vehicles from different angles. 

Evidence collected from and about the motor vehicle crash scene plays a vital role in accident investigation. The evidence you collect will help in determining the fault and severity of the damages.

What information should I collect from the truck driver?

A truck accident does not always happen due to human error. Trucks are often involved in accidents due to improper maintenance and improperly loaded cargo. In that case, you are dealing with more than only the truck driver. Depending on what caused the accident you may sue the driver, the company, maintenance mechanics, or even people responsible for loading the cargo. So, you will need to collect information beyond the driver’s name and phone number. 

Obtain information such as –

  • Driver’s name, phone number, and address
  • Driver’s license number
  • Name and address of trucking company (If the truck is not privately owned by the driver)
  • Insurance company’s name
  • Insurance policy number

Who investigates truck accidents in California?

Different government agencies are involved in the investigation of road accidents in California. Depending on the location, situation, and complication, the accident can be investigated by several government agencies. Mostly it is done by the local police, but may also be handled by the California Highway Patrol, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), or other government agencies. 

Should I contact a lawyer to help me after a truck accident?

Truck accidents can lead to complicated situations. In most cases, there are severe damages and injuries involved. When you spend on repairs and treatment and suffer mental agony, you deserve to get back your share of the money. You can decide to take care of things on your own but a seasoned law firm that’s expert in handling truck accident claims can protect your rights and claims better. 

These kinds of legal battles may have several complexities. By missing out on important details, deadlines, and evidence, you may risk losing a lot. It’s not only about damage claims. You can get compensation for economic as well as non-economic damages. Your right to just compensation for medical bills, lost income, potential lost future earnings due to your injuries, mental trauma, emotional counseling, etc. can be best handled by a team of experienced attorneys. 

Do you want to get compensation for tangible as well as intangible damages from a truck accident? It is a good idea to contact an experienced attorney to fight for your compensation claims after a crash.

Can I sue the truck driver or the company if the accident was partially my fault?

If you think you are partly responsible for the crash, the “comparative fault” law of California still allows you to recover money for your injuries. Under this rule, a fault doctrine determines the percentage of fault of both parties involved in an accident. For example, if the plaintiff was 30% at fault and the defendant was 70% at fault, the defendant is liable for paying only 70% of the damages caused.

Need an experienced truck accident lawyer?

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