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Plane Crash Lawyer

Today, air travel is one of the safest, fastest and preferred modes of travel all over the world.

So, what is the need for a plane crash lawyer? Because aviation accidents are not non-existent. Though the number has been falling, the United States alone sees at least a thousand aviation accidents each year.

This includes accidents inside the cabin, while landing/take-off or due to the malfunction of the plane or negligence of pilots.

Catastrophic plane crashes are rare but deadly. It can cause death and destruction in its aftermath. Other plane crashes can result in minor to severe injuries to the occupants.

If you or your loved one were in a plane crash, a qualified attorney will help you claim your rightful compensation and protect your legal interests.

Here in San Bernardino, California, the expert attorneys Krasney Law Firm will examine the circumstances and help you file a lawsuit for all damages—physical, monetary and emotional.

Leading Plane Crash Lawyer in California

If you’ve been injured in an aircraft accident, a Krasney Law experienced plane crash lawyer and staff can help you navigate the complicated laws of California. We can help you recover the maximum amount in damages to get you as much as possible and to get justice in the face of negligent or careless pilots or aircraft mechanics and their employers and insurance companies.

As careful as aircraft pilots and airway companies are, even they can be negligent. Airplanes are highly complex and require extensive training to learn how to fly, construct or repair. But problems may arrive on takeoff, flights and landing, whether in pilot error or equipment malfunction.

If you have been injured in an aircraft accident, call the team at Krasney Law for a complimentary consultation.

How Can We Help?

We can help if you get injured in an aircraft accident. We can help you with your claim for compensation from the responsible pilot, airline and insurance company for the damage or injury caused. If you are injured, call the team at Krasney Law for a free initial meeting with an attorney experienced in the area of aircraft accidents.

We have attorneys and investigators capable of dealing with insurance companies that try to pay as little as possible, even less than what you have coming. Also, some aviation accident victims may need to file a lawsuit to get the insurance company to pay. Keep in mind, getting you back to good health is the No. 1 priority.

Krasney Law’s expert attorneys and staff can investigate the circumstances of an accident and file suit for maximum damages to see that our clients get what they need to cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Or, we can negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement in compensation for your injuries.

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What To Do in Case of an Aircraft Accident

At the scene, if you are able first check on passengers. Then check the pilots involved. If they need medical help, summon an ambulance immediately if possible. Don’t move anyone who is unconscious or reports neck or back pain unless they are in direct danger of being burned. Stabilize the neck as much as possible..

Ask all the pilots for their names, telephone and address. Start snapping pictures on your cell phone to help you with documenting all of this information once you are calmed down. If there are witnesses, write down their version of what happened and their information too. Again, you can’t take too many pictures.

What Not To Do In Case of an Aircraft Accident?

Make sure that you:

  • Don’t admit to any degree of fault.
  • Don’t speak with the other side’s insurance company without first calling our office. Please keep in mind, the insurance company will want to take a recorded statement to protect themselves, not you. They represent the people that injured you, and they are trying to reduce their financial liability.
  • Don’t give a recorded statement to anyone, especially insurance companies, they will use your own word against you later on in the case.

What To Do After You Go Home

When you go home or soon after, contact your insurance company and let them know you were in an aircraft accident. Obtain a copy of the Federal Aviation Administration report or contact our office and we can help you with that.

If you are injured, make sure to record visits to doctors and other medical practitioners, the drugs and treatments they prescribe and what you spent on them. Pain and suffering are harder to quantify and qualify, but take notes on how you feel physically and mentally because of the impact of the crash.

Also write down all time lost at work, note what activities at work or home that you can no longer participate in. In your journal, tell how the aftermath of the wreck has affected your family and marital life.

When Is It Negligence?

The pilot of an aircraft who injures another party may be considered negligent when he acts in a careless and thoughtless manner. Negligence comes in two forms: when the driver failed to do something that would have prevented the accident, or when the driver did something he should not have done. A lot of distractions are usually considered negligence. For example, using a cell phone while driving is both restricted by law and considered negligent behavior..

California, federal and international law requires pilots to be careful, and they may be considered negligent when they fail to act carefully. A person bringing a lawsuit must prove he was injured through the defendant’s actions, and that he suffered injuries or losses.

Causes of Plane Crash Accidents in California

Aviation errors can be attributed to a number of factors. Statistics point out that 80% of all plane crashes can be attributed to human error.

It can be due to the negligence of the pilot, plane malfunctioning, air traffic controller error, unfavorable weather or a combination of factors.

Negligence of Pilot

Most plane crashes are due to the negligence of the pilot and human oversight. It is due to the pilot’s failure to take the right decision or choose the proper course of action. Pilot’s error could be due to environmental factors like bad weather, bird strikes, unfavorable terrain etc. It can also be due to fatigue, poor communication and information processing skills.

Malfunctioning Plane

Plane malfunctioning can be attributed to irregular maintenance, deliberate sabotage, adverse weather or manufacturing defects.

Air Traffic Controller Error

Traffic Controllers are responsible for ensuring the seamless movement of flights in the airspace without any collision. They monitor the path of the airplanes and have to make judgement calls in the blink of an eye. Such responsibility is vulnerable to errors which can result in catastrophic plane crashes.

Unfavorable Weather

Inclement weather is another dangerous cause of deadly crashes. Obstructing the view of the pilot during take-off/landing, bad weather can cause extreme turbulence. A sudden thunderstorm can make the plane susceptible to lightning strikes, which can cause electrical failures or ignite fuel tanks.

Determining the exact cause of the plane crash will help affix the faulty party and hold them accountable. Aviation accidents are challenging to investigate due to the complex functioning, existent safety laws and security conditions.

Assigning Liability

Depending on the initial investigation, the liability can be fixed on the:

  • Manufacturer of the plane/parts of plane
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Pilot
  • Commercial Airline
  • Private Airline
  • Federal government

An expert plane crash lawyer will be able to recreate the plane crash, enlist the support of aviation experts and conduct a thorough investigation into the crash.

Possible Injuries in Plane Crashes

The physical injuries caused in plane crashes could include:

  • Asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Broken or severed limbs,
  • Cuts/gashes
  • Fractures
  • Whiplash/neck injury 
  • Blunt-force trauma
  • Impalement
  • Head trauma
  • Major lacerations
  • Crushing of body organs
  • Spinal injuries
  • Respiratory impairment if drowned

The above list is only indicative and not exhaustive. Severe plane crashes can cause significant loss of lives.

What to Do In Case of Plane Crash

If you or are your loved one are in a plane crash, there are few steps you can take:

  • Ensure that you are not severely injured or bleeding. If so, try to not move on your own and call out for medical assistance.
  • Try to call emergency services if you have cell service.
  • If you have sustained minor injuries, try to extend help to your fellow passengers.
  • Try to click pictures of yourself, the surroundings and your co-passengers if there is no imminent danger to you or to others on the plane.
  • Write the names and addresses of your neighbors and pilots if possible.
  • If there are any witnesses, try to get their contact information as well.
  • Don’t provide any medical assistance to anyone without sufficient first aid knowledge.
  • Listen for important information or any announcement regarding rescue.
  • Most importantly, do not panic. Wait for help to arrive unless it is life-threatening to remain on the plane.

What to Do After Going Home

First, get a thorough medical checkup to rule out any serious injuries. Record your visits to the doctors, medicines prescribed, hospital bills diligently. Get a family member to do it instead if you are unable to do so.

Next, contact your insurance company and let them know about the accident. Obtain a copy of the Federal Aviation Administration report or contact our plane crash lawyers in San Bernardino to help you get it.

Enlist the support of an expert personal injury lawyer to help you file a lawsuit asking for rightful compensation.

Maintaining a personal diary and documenting your experiences will help you better tell us how the trauma has changed life for you. Sometimes it is difficult to articulate the emotional damage trauma inflicts, making it hard to prove it in court.

Writing it down will also help you keep track of your recovery progress.

How soon should I file a lawsuit?

Plane crashes, similar to civil lawsuits, have a statute of limitations which expires in 2 years. You need to file a lawsuit by that time to claim compensation.

If the time elapses, filing a lawsuit is impossible irrespective of the damage done. So, call your personal injury lawyer at Krasney Law soon. We can then start by collecting evidence, taking witness statements and handling all the legal work.

Here, at Krasney Law, we believe that every victim is deserving of a rightful compensation commensurate with the extent of damages, and we strive to deliver that promise. Our expert plane crash lawyers in San Bernardino, California will help you file for maximum damages to cover your medical expenses and overcome the trauma. Call us now! Pay us when we get you your settlement.

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