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What Happens After A Deposition?

A deposition is a question and answers session only – not a conversation.

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If you’ve filed a claim for compensation following a car crash in California, it may go to court. If it does go to court, you will likely to be asked to give a deposition which is far different from a regular conversation. The ket to a successful disposition meeting is preparation. If you are unprepared, speak to the car accident lawyers at Krasney Law for help. Being unprepared can put your claim at risk.

What Can You Expect at a Deposition In California?

deposition includes cross-questioning conducted by the defense attorney, who will ask the plaintiff questions that may cover the following areas:

  • General background information like the plaintiff’s name, address, date of birth, educational qualification, employment history, etc.
  • Any relevant information about the accident such as the time of day, what you were doing, what you remember, who you contacted, etc.
  • Information about the medical treatments involved. This includes and long-term recovery plans to short term discoveries made.
  • They will also want to discuss how these injuries have changed your day to day life. Questions about your social life, personal and professional life may appear.

An individual undergoing a deposition with or without a lawyer should keep the following important items in mind:

  • Claimants should keep in mind that depositions are not conversations. They are a question and answer session only designed to make or break your case. If involved, claimants have the right to clarify with their lawyer before answering any question
  • Keep your answers simple and straight to the point. Avoid any extra information
  • First impressions are just as important in depositions.
  • Have dignity and be honest with your answers because being dishonest can hurt your case
  • Request for a break if you need some time to rethink and/or cool off

Easy To Follow Tips for Preparing For A Deposition:

  • Speak to your car accident lawyer. No matter what, always seek advice from a licensed attorney. If you think you cannot afford one, some attorneys work on a contingency fee basis!
  • Have all important documents ready
  • Always remain courteous and calm. We are trying to win against these people. Losing your temper can paint a bad picture of your character.
  • Listen
  • Only report the facts you are confident about
  • Keep it short, simple and sweet. Remember, this is not a conversation

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