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Highland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, leaving you with huge medical bills and a loss of income. Hiring a Highland motorcycle accident lawyer from Krasney Law Accident Attorneys ensures that you have the legal expertise and support you need to navigate the complex aftermath of an accident.

A good Highland motorcycle accident attorney understands the unique challenges faced by motorcycle accident victims. When you have a lawyer on your side, you can focus on recovering physically and emotionally while also receiving the financial assistance necessary to support yourself during your recovery.

If you’ve been searching for motorcycle accident lawyers near me, you’ve come to the right place. We, at Krasney Law Accident Attorneys, are the leading personal injury attorneys in Highland, San Bernardino, and throughout California. Contact Krasney Law Accident Attorneys today at (909) 254-5793 to book your free consultation.

Highland motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle riding offers a unique sense of freedom, but it’s not without risks. These accidents can lead to serious injuries, or even death since there’s little to protect you during a crash. If injured, you might need financial help for medical bills and support during your recovery period when you can’t work. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you secure the compensation you need.

Motorcycle accident cases arise when a motorcyclist involved in a crash seeks compensation for resulting injuries or property damage. While similar to car accident cases, there are unique factors that affect this case, like road conditions, visibility, and safety gear use. Helmet regulations, which differ from state to state, can sometimes complicate the estimation of damages. In California, all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet, as per CVC §27803. A motorcycle crash attorney understands these unique factors and will help you navigate the process with ease.

Causes for Motorcycle Accidents in California 

Most motorcycle accidents in California are caused by one of the following situations –

1. Land Splitting

In California, lane splitting is a legal maneuver that allows motorcyclists to move between slow-moving or stopped traffic, including at traffic lights. While it allows motorcyclists to pass slower vehicles, it also poses risks to motorists who may not pay proper attention. Some motorcyclists may be unaware of this law, while others choose to ignore it.

2. Unsafe lane changing

Sometimes, drivers of larger vehicles don’t check their side mirrors and blind spots, leading them to accidentally cut off or come too close to motorcyclists. Drivers merging onto the road may incorrectly assume that there are no obstacles, resulting in unintentional collisions with motorcyclists.

3. Left-turning vehicles

At times, drivers don’t realize that when they are about to pull across a roadway, they need to keep an eye out for motorcycles. Due to their smaller profile, motorcycles can easily go unnoticed, and a quick turn by a driver can leave very little space for the motorcyclist to maneuver and avoid a potential collision.

4. Rear-end collisions

If a motorcycle is driving in front of any vehicle, the brake light on the motorcycle is highly visible. However, drivers may still unintentionally overlook the red taillight or miscalculate the distance, resulting in a collision with the motorcycle from behind.

In all these instances, if you want to get the compensation you deserve, you would have to establish the negligence of the at-fault driver, which can get tricky at times. Only the best motorcycle injury lawyer from Krasney Law Accident Attorneys can help you here.

California Laws for Motorcyclist Safety

To prevent instances of motorcycle accidents, California has several motorcycle safety laws

  • Speed Recommendation: Although there isn’t an official law, it’s advisable to ride only around 10 MPH faster than the other vehicles on the road. This suggestion puts safety first by encouraging riders to keep a speed that is relatively similar to the flow of traffic.
  • Helmet Requirement: To prioritize safety for everyone on the road, California law mandates that all motorcycle riders wear a Department of Transportation-certified helmet. This rule applies to all, irrespective of age or experience level.
  • Rider Course: In California, individuals under 21 must complete a Basic Rider Course to apply for a motorcycle license. This course provides necessary training to improve safety and riding skills among younger riders. Although it’s not legally mandatory for those aged 21 and older, a Voluntary Rider Course is strongly recommended. Enrolling in these courses helps older riders increase their road safety, knowledge, and skills.

How Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You?

While hiring a Highland motorcycle accident lawyer isn’t a legal requirement, it can be highly beneficial, especially when dealing with insurance adjusters. Here’s everything an experienced lawyer can help you with –

  • Counteracting stereotypes: Insurance companies often use the stereotype of the “reckless motorcyclist” to shift the blame onto the motorcyclist. With a Highland motorcycle accident attorney’s assistance, you can effectively challenge these unfair stereotypes and safeguard your rights.
  • Investigative work: Personal injury lawyers diligently investigate on your behalf, ensuring that there is strong evidence to back up your claims and contest any unjust decisions made by insurance companies.
  • Holding insurance companies accountable: When going up against an insurance company without legal representation, they might seek to hold you responsible for a large part of their medical costs. However, having a lawyer on their side ensures that the insurance company pays their rightful portion.
  • Recovering every cent: With the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, insurance companies are compelled to cover all recovery costs. This safeguards the victim’s financial well-being, both presently and in the long run.
  • Handling legal proceedings: When a lawyer is involved, insurance adjusters may feel more compelled to offer fair settlements, knowing that they could potentially face a lawsuit. This can lead to better settlement offers.

Why Choose Krasney Law Accident Attorneys?

When you’re searching for a motorcycle accident lawyer near me, you might get a lot of options. But once you book your free consultation with Krasney Law Accident Attorneys, you’ll understand why we are the best. With more than 30 years of experience in handling personal injury lawsuits, our lawyers understand what it takes to negotiate the best settlement for you.

We’ll get you the results you need. Our No Recovery/No Fee policy ensures exactly that. Krasney Law Accident Attorneys is a motorcycle accident law firm that cares about the outcome of its clients’ cases. To book your free consultation, call us today at (909) 254-5793, or fill out the contact form here.


Why hire a Highland motorcycle accident lawyer?

Ans. An experienced Highland motorcycle accident attorney can lend their expertise in helping you gather important documents, analyze evidence, secure witnesses to support your case, and ultimately build a strong argument on your behalf. Their guidance and support can increase your chances of winning your case.

What can you claim in a motorcycle accident?

Ans. In a motorcycle accident claim, the biggest part of the expenses usually comes from medical bills and other treatments. If the accident hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have had to pay for these costs. You should seek compensation to cover these costs.

What to look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Ans. When looking for a lawyer to handle your motorcycle accident case, it’s crucial to find someone with proven experience and a successful track record. While some lawyers may claim to handle these types of cases, it’s important to work with someone who specializes in motorcycle accidents and understands their unique complexities.