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Hesperia Personal Injury Attorney

Hesperia Car Accident Attorney

Accidents do not necessarily happen due to the fault of the driver. You cannot always avoid them, but you should be aware of steps you can take afterwards if one happens to you or to someone in your family. If the accident has happened because of someone else’s negligence, you can file a lawsuit against that party and claim compensation for the injuries and damaged caused. To check for your eligibility, we advise you to speak to a Hesperia car accident attorney who can give you detailed advice on this matter. Call the team at Krasney Law at (909) 500-4312.

When anyone drives a vehicle with negligence it can take many forms, including:

  • Drunken Driving
  • Excessive Speed
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Inattention
  • Failure to Adjust to Conditions
  • Hazards on Roadways

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Hesperia Bicycle Accident Attorney

In 2013, there were more than 1,300 emergency room visits per day in the United States by bicyclists because of collisions with automobiles. Cycling is very popular, and it also can be very dangerous. When a bicycle collides with another vehicle, it’s usually the bicycle rider who is the one injured, often seriously. Unlike cars, which have protective shells for the driver and passengers, a bicycle does not have sufficient protection.

If you or a family member has recently been involved in a bicycle accident in the Hesperia area, please consult a bicycle accident attorney. Call the Krasney Law team today at (909) 500-4312 for a free consultation. We will collect no fees unless there is a monetary recovery or your case goes to trial.

Hesperia Brain Injury Attorney

A brain injury is among the most serious type of injury a person can suffer. An injury to the brain can affect a person many years after the accident. Traumatic brain injury can result from automobile crashes or in other cases where a person’s head hits an object with force. The brain is the most delicate and sensitive part of the body, and even a slight blow can cause serious injury. Moreover, the brain has limited power to heal, and even if it does heal it may take a long time.

In many instances, a traumatic brain injury is not diagnosed by physicians because patients fail to report issues such as short-term memory loss and personality changes. If you or a family member is experiencing a brain injury because of an accident, even if it occurred long ago, it is important that you consult a doctor. The next thing you should do is retain the legal counsel of a knowledgeable brain injury attorney in the Hesperia area.

Please call the Krasney Law team, brain injury attorneys, at (909) 500-4312 today for a free initial consultation. Krasney Law: Personal Injury Specialists collect no fee unless there is a monetary recovery or your case goes to trial.

Hesperia Burn Injury Attorney

People who’ve suffered burn injuries report that they are the most painful of. And they scar the victim both physically and mentally. The scar treatments and cosmetic surgeries are very costly. Such treatments are long-term and are often emotionally devastating for the victim and family.

If you have suffered burn injuries because of some other person’s negligence, then you may claim compensation from that person. Our team of skilled and experienced burn injury attorneys in the Hesperia area can help you get the compensation you are legally entitled to.

The results of burn injuries are:

  • Adult respiratory distress syndrome
  • Cosmetic Distortion
  • Blemishing
  • Sepsis
  • And Even Death

Please consider consulting the experts at Krasney Law to help you get the money that you need to recover and that you deserve for the pain you suffered.

Hesperia Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Dog bites are very common in every part of the country, including in Hesperia. On average, more than 12,000 U.S. residents visit doctors or hospitals every day because of dog bites.

Even a minor bite from a small dog should not be overlooked because it can cause serious illness. Whether it is a cute little pet or a vicious street dog, its bite can put you in real trouble. If a dog bite is left untreated, it may result in serious infections and ailments, permanent muscle damage, deep-tissue scars and disfigurement. If the condition gets severe, you may have to undergo major reconstructive surgery.

A dog-bite victim may suffer from mental trauma and depression if the bite leaves permanent scars on the face, arms or other exposed body parts. If the dog has an owner, he is liable to pay compensation to the person injured and his family, especially if there are serious injuries or infections.

California has a strict law that places the liability for a bite on the dog’s owner even if the dog is not vicious and has not bitten a person before.

Call the team at Krasney Law, (909) 500-4312, any time to speak to a dog-bite injury attorney if a dog bites you or a family member. We are experts in dog-bite law and have helped those who have been bitten get rewards for medical bills and pain and suffering. The initial consultation is free, and we collect no fees unless there is a recovery or the case goes to trial.

Hesperia Fracture Attorney

People often take minor fractures lightly, but the fact is even a minor fracture may have serious consequences. There are different kinds of bone injuries, each of which should be treated immediately and accordingly.

Compound fractures and fractures at any joint, such as elbow and knee, are very serious and can make you suffer for a long time. Certain fractures in the ankle, leg or arm, occurring because of road accidents, can result in permanent disability. It is a fact that fractures for older people take longer to recover.

The expenses for treating fractures can be much higher than your estimates, and even if you have medical insurance it may not be enough to cover the expenses. Call Krasney Law in Hesperia for a free initial consultation regarding this matter. Our phone number is (909) 500-4312.

Hesperia Medical Malpractice Attorney

When a health care practitioner is negligent towards a patient and diverges from standards of ethical medical practice, such treatment is called medical malpractice. If such a thing has occurred to you or if a family member has died because of a doctor’s negligence, then you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the health-care provider.

But one condition is that you will have to prove negligence before the court. You must prove that the health care provider’s act or lack of action was faulty, and also that this mistake injured you. If you live in Hesperia and suspect you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact the team at Krasney Law today and take the legal advice of a medical malpractice attorney.

Hesperia Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are the most dangerous of automobile accidents. About two-thirds of motorcycle accidents happen when other drivers collide with the biker. Many other motorcycle accidents happen because of bad road conditions. Whatever the cause, the motorcyclist is usually the one to suffer injuries, which are often severe or even fatal because motorcycles do not have the protective shell that cars have.

There are some unavoidable risks on the road that even an experienced motorcyclist may face. Among the various factors responsible for motorcycle accidents are:

  • Construction Zones
  • Bad Road Conditions
  • Inattentive Drivers
  • Motorists Failing to Yield the Right of Way
  • Drivers Changing Direction without Prior Signal

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, please call the Krasney Law professionals and hire their services. We collect no fees unless there is a monetary recovery or your case goes to trial.

Hesperia Neck and Back Injury Attorney

Automobile wrecks often give trauma to the back and neck that can cause serious injury. A back injury that may at first seem minor can result in severe pain before a patient recovers.

Some of the common back and neck injuries resulting from an accident are as follows:

  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Herniated or Cracked Disk
  • Lower back sprains and strains
  • Compressed Nerves and Chronic Pain
  • Whiplash (cervical strain/sprain)
  • Spinal Cord Injury or Paralysis

At Krasney Law, we understand how much a back and neck injury can hurt you. If you have suffered a back injury in Hesperia because of someone else’s negligence, call us today at (909) 500-4312 for a free initial consultation. We will collect no fees unless there is a recovery or your case goes to trial.

Hesperia Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The pedestrian is often the only one who suffers when a vehicle strikes him, no matter whose fault the accident is. A pedestrian accident can result in severe injuries including to the head, spine, limbs, back, neck, muscle, and bones. It may result in permanent disability or even death.

The fact is that often the insurance companies try to place the blame on the pedestrian, stating that the cause of the accident was negligence on the part of the pedestrian. Thus, it can be difficult to make the insurance companies pay compensation to the pedestrian for the loss.

If you or any of your family members have met with a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident in the Hesperia area, please call the Krasney Law team for a complimentary consultation. Our phone number is (909) 500-4312. We collect no fees unless there is a monetary recovery or the case goes to trial.

Hesperia Slip and Fall Attorney

When an organization or business is responsible for a slip and fall case, it can be difficult to prove. The reason for this is that the courts understand it is not possible for businesses to prevent every slip-and-fall accident.

To sue a business for a slip-and-fall accident that occurred on a company’s premises, you have to prove that the company failed to meet a legal duty of care toward the person injured. Only if the company has failed to provide the injured person with care and cure will they be held responsible by the court.

Businesses can be sued for slips, falls and collisions on grounds of poor hiring, supervision or because employees received inadequate training.

Businesses and other organizations are liable to provide minimum care to the injured person who has slipped and fallen on their premises. You can claim compensation for the injuries you sustained if the company fails to deliver these basic duties. But you have to prove it before the court. Krasney Law in Hesperia, California, can help you prove your case.

For a free initial consultation in a slip and fall case, call Krasney Law today at (909) 500-4312.

Hesperia Wrongful Death Attorney

hesperia personal injury attorney

If a member of your family has been killed and you suspect that it was because of someone else’s negligence, you should immediately consult an attorney to look into the matter. The actions of a careless individual or corporation can have devastating consequences on your life and deprive you of a loved one’s companionship or earnings potential.

At Krasney Law, we understand that you are grieving, but you need to know how important it is that you give us the opportunity to start investigating as soon as possible. Time and cause of death, important evidence and other essential information need to be collected and examined quickly.

Some causes of wrongful death include:

  • Fatal Car Crashes
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Products Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Dangerous Drugs

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