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Insurance Company Settlement Tactics

At the end of the day, insurance companies are a business

When dealing with insurance companies its important to understand that they are not your best friends, even though they have amazing customer service. When you are in a car accident in California, the insurance company’s main goal is not to make sure that you are fully taken care of and get all that you need to heal and be compensated for your suffering. In fact, their job is to limit their liability and the money that they pay to you. There are many tactics that car insurance companies will use to save themselves money and leave you paying for your costs.

Look out for these dirty tricks that car insurance companies use to limit their liability and your settlement amount or contact a personal injury lawyer and forget about the stress of dealing with your insurance.

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They give you a settlement offer and pressure you to accept it quickly

Shortly after an accident, insurance companies will provide a settlement offer and urge to respond as fast as you can. They know that if you hire an attorney to do the negotiating, you will find out their dirty little secret – that their first offer is almost always negotiable. They use coercive tactics to get you to take a settlement offer quickly so that you don’t have time to see if your injuries end up having consequences.

A big reason for this action is to prevent you from taking the time to actually calculate how much you should be entitled too. If you are given a settlement offer, don’t accept it too quickly or without having a car accident attorney look it over to ensure you are getting all that you are entitled to. You don’t need to rush through the process. Take your time.

Sometimes They Try To Get You To Put Things In Writing

Never put anything in writing when dealing with insurance companies. Whether you meant to do your case harm or not, once it is in writing it can end up really hurting you.

Do Not Give Any Opinions

When dealing with insurance companies remember to only stick to the facts and only the facts. It is imperative that you always tell the truth, but also that you don’t insert your own impressions or opinions about what happened.

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