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In California, total traffic fatalities increased 7 percent from 3,387 to 3,623 in 2016. (closest stats available) Another notable stat is that, in 2016, 15% of all drivers killed in a motor vehicle accident tested positive for legal/illegal drugs.

Speak to a California traffic accident lawyer if you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident in California. You no doubt have many questions and concerns. You may be missing work due to your injuries and may have medical bills to pay. In addition, the other driver’s insurance company may be harassing you and you may not know what to say or how to handle their questions.

As one of the most caring firms in California, the California traffic accident lawyers at Krasney Law understand how to build strong traffic accident cases. When you hire our attorneys, you can be confident that everything will be done to protect your rights and recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Types Of Traffic Accidents In California

Each traffic accident that happens is unique in its own way. With many years of experience, our California traffic accident lawyers have dealt with hundreds of different scenarios successfully. Our focus is on helping traffic accident victims and their families receive full and fair compensation when they are injured due to another’s reckless or negligent behavior in California.

Types of traffic accidents include:

If you have been injured in a traffic accident, contact a traffic accident lawyer near you. You should be receiving all of your benefits. Remember, the insurance companies are not on your side. Their goal is to pay out as little as possible.

Why Hire a Traffic Accident Attorney Near You

Surveys have shown that people who hire a traffic accident attorney to handle their serious traffic accident claim walk away with more compensation, even after the attorney’s fees are paid. Hiring a California traffic wreck attorney helps with making your claim the best it can be, along with valuable insight and help during your case.

The experienced California traffic lawyers at Krasney Law will take the time to understand your goals and concerns, explain your options, and let you know what to expect. Our attorneys encourage questions and will take the time to guide you through every detail of the legal process removing the headache of dealing with the law.

California Traffic Accident Lawyer

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No matter what type of traffic accident you were injured in, we can help you to recover the maximum compensation for the damages you have incurred. Our lawyers have litigated and negotiated numerous successful cases in the past and possess the expertise to help get you the compensation you deserve!

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If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a California traffic accident, you can call our office at (909) 380-7200. Krasney Law offers free initial consultations with a traffic accident lawyer in all personal injury cases, and you never pay attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.