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California Nerve Damage Lawyer

Nerve damage occurs when the area becomes fractured, crushing the nerve. As a result, the victim is left with a pinched or severed nerve following a traumatic accident.

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When it comes to nerve damage following an accident with a car or bicycle, the symptoms and pain may not show up until the next day. This can cause problems for the victim of a car accident who was injured when a negligent driver struck their bicycle or motor vehicle. The California nerve damage lawyers at Krasney Law can help you in this type of situation, where your injuries did not appear on the day of the accident.

Your body is made up of the central nervous system which communicates through the use of nerves. Nerves are what is responsible for your bodily movements, sensations, and thoughts. Damage or nerve trauma occurs when the surrounding area becomes fractured, crushing and damaging the nerve. This results in either a pinched or severed nerve which can produce symptoms of pain, numbness, or a complete loss of feeling and movement.

The damage and recovery you go through will depend on how severe your traumatic accident was. Nerve damage from a car accident will generally occur in one of three ways:


A laceration is a deep cut that can damage or sever the nerve connections near the area of impact. In most cases, treatment for nerve lacerations is bed rest and pain management. In rare, severe cases surgery or physical therapy is needed in order to restore function. Your doctor will help you choose the best possible course of recovery for your injury.


Whiplash is an isolated type of nerve damaged that occurs at the base of the victim’s neck. When the vehicle is hit from the rear, the force will cause the victims head to shift forward then whip back at high or even low speeds. Not only does this damage the nerves in the neck, but it will also cause swelling of the surrounding muscle and tendons possibly leading to further/future complications.

Blunt Force Trauma

This is when any part of your body hits a hard surface in a car accident. this includes your head, legs, arms, torso, feet, knees, etc. It is common for this to occur when the victim hits the steering wheel, or car doors shortly following the initial impact of an accident.

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Regardless of the type of nerve damage and treatment you receive, the negligent driver should be held responsible for the payment of your medical treatments, and in certain cases compensation for pain and suffering.

The California car accident attorneys at Krasney Law can assist you by proving that the injury was a direct result of the car accident. Call our offices today at (909) 380-7200 and set up an appointment to discuss the details of your case. We offer free consultations so call today!