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wrongful death cases

Every day without exception, courts across California hear and decide hundreds of wrongful death cases. A precious family member departing and leaving their loved ones behind is a painful experience for everyone. However, the pain of loss is even more excruciating when the death is untimely and a result of someone else’s negligence. It brings
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California driving safety tips

Safety tips for driving are some of the most crucial readings a person can do, and they are mandatory to know when you are a new driver. When you’re traveling along a seaside roadway in California, driving may be a real pleasure. It’s also aggravating if you’re stuck in one of the world’s most notorious
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car accident settlement guide

Car accident settlement is quite common in California as a large proportion of cases gets resolved through negotiations outside the court. The injured party often reaches a favorable agreement with the insurance company, which prevents the need for a lawsuit. There can be unfortunate events of accidents in an individual’s life. The individual may have
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what is under-insured motorist coverage

California law provides its motorists the advantage of under-insured/uninsured motorist coverage, but few know about this insurance cover. Here is all the information about what is underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. We will also see what they cover and when coverage kicks in, and how an accident attorney can help you. As stated
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Guide To California Car Accidents

A car accident is a distressing incident for everyone involved. Here at Krasney Law, we’ve seen it all and understand how difficult it can be to process what’s happened and figure out the next steps, which is why we’ve put everything we know into this car accident guide. There’s a lot to get your head
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car accideny lawyer pip

If there is one thing motorists can agree on, it’s that no one likes paying insurance. And they definitely don’t like being in accidents. What they like even less, though, is being in an accident when they don’t have insurance! According to California law, for a motorized vehicle to legally drive on the street, it
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What To Do After A Car Accident In California

Trying to figure out what to do after a car accident in California can seem like a simple task. However, if you make a single mistake, you could find yourself unable to receive due compensation. If things turn out particularly poorly, they may force you to shoulder the costs for an accident that you did
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