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Crossover Accidents & Crashes

Usually, most of the highways in California have some sort of barriers to reduce the chances of crossover accidents. These barriers are very important because vehicles traveling at high speeds on the highways can accidentally cross over and crash into oncoming traffic.

Crossover Accidents and Crashes

What Are Median Barriers?

Median barriers are installed on divided two-way highways. They are longitudinal barriers that separate traffic traveling in both directions. These median barriers are set in place to prevent the crossing of lanes onto oncoming traffic suddenly after a car accident.

Different Types Of Median Barriers

Median barriers are generally of three kinds:

  • Rigid Barriers – These concrete barriers are the most effective type. These are the type of barriers we would see on interstate 5 in California or commonly seen in highways with a high volume of people and semi-trucks.

The limitation of this kind of barrier is that if a crash occurs they absorb minimum energy which leads to accidents of higher severity.

  • Semi-Rigid Barriers – These are guide rails or guard rails that are constructed at segments of railing that connect. They are designed to absorb energy when a crash occurs and to deflect or move the vehicle on impact.
  • Cable Barriers – These median barriers are made up of numerous steel cables which are connected by a series of posts. Like the other medians, their purpose is to also absorb the impact of a car collision.

The disadvantage of this kind of barriers is that they are a little weaker and can be breached more easily than the former ones.

Injuries Caused Due To Median Cross-Over Accidents

Official records show that head-on collisions caused due to median cross-over at high speeds are more serious than other highway crashes.

Crossover accidents also involve side impact or frontal crashes. The amount of damage they cause to the vehicle is extensive. Many times the vehicle gets crushed due to the impacts at highway speeds. This is extremely dangerous for the driver, the passengers and the other drivers on the road.

In some cases, the initial impact is so strong that passengers not using seatbelts can be propelled forward outside of the vehicle. Injuries caused due to ejection can be disastrous and worst of all, fatal. The individuals may sustain head or spinal injuries. Even if the passengers use their safety belts they may still get injured seriously because of the head-on collision.

Have You Sustained Injuries In A Crossover Collision in California?

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