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Clavicle Fractures

According to the National Safety Council in the state of California, there were 3,304 fatal car accidents and 3,602 related deaths in 2017

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Imagine yourself driving peacefully down the road. The sun is bright and you see a stoplight approaching ahead. You check to see if the lights green and you continue to drive through the intersection. As you cross, you notice a small red pick-up truck flying through their red light and t-bones you. You notice that the window is shattered into a million pieces and that the passenger side door crumples towards you. After the first attempt to move, you quickly realize you are only able to move your hand and forearm. Your shoulder seems paralyzed. This could mean that you have suffered a clavicle injury.

How Force From A Traumatic Collision Can Effect The Clavical

According to research conducted by the California Office of Traffic Safety, a total of 2064 victims were either injured or killed in a car accident in San Bernadino.

Since the clavicle is a long and skinny bone and lies horizontally across the shoulder, it can suffer an impact fracture at many locations including:

  • Outer third fracture: This type of clavicle injury occurs near the tip of the shoulder, and is usually caused by a direct impact that fractures your clavicle and sends a splintering force to the top or side of the shoulder. Following this injury, it’s important you see a doctor immediately.
  • Middle fractures: These fractures are the most common out of the bunch. Middle fractures result when direct force is applied to the middle of the bone. It’s common for middle fractures to have swelling and marks from the seat belt restraint following a car accident.
  • Inner third fractures: These are less common amongst clavicle injuries in accidents. These types of fractures occur when direct force is applied to the middle of the chest. This type of clavicle injury commonly occurs in car accidents when the body is thrust forward into the steering wheel.

Have You Suffered A Clavicle Fracture In a California Car Accident?

Regardless of the type of fracture the clavicle sustains, recovery is usually long, painful and disrupts a person’s day-to-day life, sometimes for the rest of their life. To help the clavicle bone heal, it is set and restrained to restrict any movement. The total treatment costs (including physical therapy), combined with time off work, can mean a huge financial burden for the victim. If your clavicle injury is a result of someone else’s negligence, you should not have to shoulder the consequences. If you have been injured in a car accident in Calfornia where another driver collided into you, you should seek legal help from an experienced California car accident attorney at Krasney Law. Call us at (909) 380-7200 for a free case evaluation, or complete our online contact form. Our car wreck lawyers understand the stresses that can come with a clavicle injury and are here to help you along the way.


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