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Red Light Accidents In California

In the United States, thousands of drivers are killed and injured due to someone running a red light.

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The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Association said that there were 37,133 fatal traffic accidents in 2017. Thousands of people run red lights every year. Here are some more statistics about people who run red lights:

  • An estimated 165,000 motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians are injured annually by red-light runners.
  • Nearly 93% of drivers believe running a red light is unacceptable, yet 1 in 3 drivers reported doing so in the past 30 days.
  • You or your loved ones are more likely to be injured due to a red-light running related crash than any other type of crash.

Traffic Signal Car Accidents

Always double check when crossing an intersection, even when it’s green. When a person approaches an intersection with a green light, they assume it is safe to proceed. However, if another driver recklessly runs their red light it can result in a car accident. Running a red light is never acceptable because you put yourself and most importantly others at risk. What are some of the reasons people run red lights?

Traffic lights and signals are there to protect drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. When these signals are ignored, for whatever reason, the results can be catastrophic. Any driver that runs a red light and causes an accident should be held responsible for their actions.

How Do Red Light Accidents Happen?

Red light accidents happen when a vehicle runs a red light and ends up colliding with other vehicles. While some people might run a red light unintentionally, others might do so while being distracted or reckless. These accidents cause thousands of fatalities across the nation per year, and can cause much stress in the lives of those affected. 

Reasons for the issuing of red light tickets

When a police officer notices your car crossing an intersection when there is a red traffic light, they may pull you over and give you a ticket. If you happen to receive such a ticket, there are ways to contest it and prove that it was not justified.There are two reasons why red light tickets are issued. First, it is because a police officer personally saw you committing the violation. Second, a traffic camera took a picture of you running a red light. If you decide to contest your ticket and work with an attorney who can represent you, it can be done in a traffic court.

California Red Light Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured due to another driver running a red light through an intersection, contact Krasney Law today. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to getting the maximum compensation for injury victims in California. After a serious injury or the loss of a loved one in a car, truck or motorcycle accident involving a red light runner, you need to know that someone is on your side, protecting your rights and presenting an effective case to the insurance company. Without a strong legal advocate, you may not receive the financial compensation you need and deserve after a car, truck, motorcycle, bike or pedestrian accident.

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