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Insurance Companies Acting In Bad Faith

Most of us expect that our insurance companies are always going to act in our best interest, but that is not always the case.

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When we sign up for insurance we assume they have our best interest in mind, but there is one key thing to keep in mind. Insurance companies are a business and at the end of the day they are in business to make money. When you are suddenly costing them a large sum they may be reluctant to pay. Fortunately, the laws recognize this and will punish an insurance company that acts in bad faith. If you have recently been in an accident where you were injured and your insurance adjuster made an offer that is far below the costs of damages you have incurred, contact a car accident lawyer at Krasney Law today. We are here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

What’s The First Phone Call To Make Or Avoid?

First things first, the victim should never speak with an insurance adjuster immediately following an accident. There are too many variables in play that unless you know the law, you may get cheated out of the compensation you really deserve. Your first phone call should be to a California personal injury attorney. After that, all inquiries by the insurance company can be directed to him. The insurance adjuster has a specific job to do, and that is to keep the payout at a bare minimum of what you may be entitled to. When they call or go see you, they are not checking on your injury, they are trying to get information from you that will only hurt your case and overall compensation.

Good Faith and Fair Dealings

By law, once an insurance company agrees to a policy, they are required to provide services in good faith. If they violate this duty the policyholder has the right to file a lawsuit against them. Even though this right lies with the defendant, the statute will still benefit you. An experienced personal injury attorney at Krasney Law will use this as leverage if an insurance company is being unreasonable with the settlement process. Always make sure to speak with a trusted attorney for any questions you have before speaking to an insurance adjuster.

Not Just a “Little Guy’s Court”

It is not an easy deal for insurance companies to win a bath faith case in court. This is why this legal strategy works well in favor of the plaintiff. Insurance companies will pay out whatever they need to in order to avoid getting sued.

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The lawyers at Krasney Law often think of civil lawsuits as the little guy’s court, but the truth of the situation is that usually, the defense is a very big insurance company with deep pockets. Trying to fight them without the benefit of a personal injury attorney and their years of experience and study is a bad idea. Call the experienced attorneys at Krasney Law at the phone number (909) 380-7200 today if you have recently been injured and would like to pursue compensation in California.