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California Reckless Driving Attorney

Reckless driving is a misdemeanour in the state of California.

car speedometer going 160 km/h

In California, The legal definition of reckless driving is driving that involves multiple traffic violations that place other drivers at risk for a car accident. Becoming a victim of someone who was reckless driving can result in severe injuries and sometimes even death. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in these circumstances gives you the best chance of receiving compensation for your damages.

When a driver is angry and begins to drive aggressively, they typically lose a sense of care and regard for those around them. It is likely an aggressive driver will not pay attention to laws or the other people around them. Tailgating, speeding, sudden lane changing, and unexplained braking is all typical of an aggressive driver and can lead to a serious car accident.

Speeding In California

California traffic laws also require drivers to take into consideration road and weather conditions while driving. For example, if an aggressive driver is trying to pass a line of traffic slowed due to poor weather conditions like rain, fog or snow, he or she could be in violation of California speeding laws where the drivers would be expected to reduce speeds in such conditions.


California has laws in place that state how close you should be driving behind someone. Make sure to give yourself enough time to come to a complete stop without colliding into the car in front of you. Someone who is driving aggressively would be driving near the rear bumper with no hope of stopping in case you were to suddenly hit the brakes.

Sudden Lane Changing

This could mean cutting someone off or crossing over yellow lines to get in front of a line of traffic. Maybe even rapidly switching lanes on a multi-lane highway without looking or giving proper space.

Unexplained Braking

Also known as brake checking, this is often a tactic used to intimidate other drivers to back off. Suddenly braking for no reason can lead to a multi-vehicle car accident with many injuries. If you are driving and find yourself in close proximity to an aggressive driver, move as far away from the driver as possible.

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In the event that an aggressive driver causes you to collide with them, another car, or even a fixed object on the side of the road, seek the advice of a car accident lawyer. Even if they drove off, your uninsured motorist coverage can be used to pay for your expenses from a car accident. Call Krasney Law at (909) 380-7200 for a free consultation.