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A California neck injury lawyer sees many clients with neck injuries throughout their careers. These injuries range significantly in how much they impact the individual’s lifestyle and finances. Often, the entire family suffers the consequences.

Neck injuries are among the most serious type a person can suffer. Victims of neck injuries who need representation for lawsuits or settlements need a strong neck injury lawyer and staff who can go after those responsible for the injury and extract the maximum monetary awards.

Krasney Law, with many years spent fighting insurance companies and liable parties, has an excellent record of success.

Neck injuries can result from automobile crashes or other situations. The spine is among the more sensitive parts of the body, and any injury to it can result in a lifetime of pain and disability. Moreover, the spinal cord has limited power to heal, and even if it does heal it may take a long time.

How Can We Help?

We can help if you are injured. We can help you with your claim for compensation from the responsible auto driver or other careless party for the damage or injury caused. If you are in a similar situation, call the team at Krasney Law for a complimentary consultation.

We have attorneys and investigators capable of dealing with insurance companies, who try to pay as little as possible, even less than what you have coming. Also, some accident victims may need to file a lawsuit to get the insurance company to pay. Keep in mind, getting you back to good health is a No. 1 priority.

Krasney Law’s expert attorneys and staff can investigate the circumstances of an accident and file suit for maximum damages to see that our clients get what they need to cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Or, we can negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement for your injuries. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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Types of Neck Injuries

A neck injury might encompass the bones or soft tissue, such as the muscles, nerves, or ligaments. Injuries involving the discs or nerves can radiate away from the neck, affecting other areas like the arms and upper body.

The most common types of neck injuries include:

  • Whiplash – Although whiplash is considered a minor injury, it can cause serious, life-altering symptoms that require years of continuous care. It is really more of a type of injury that results from the rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck due to a sudden impact. A whiplash injury might include muscle strains, ligament injuries, or herniated disks.
  • Muscle Strains – Muscle strains are injuries to the muscle or tendon that connects a muscle to the bone. These injuries can impact other parts of the body, especially down the arms or down the back.
  • Herniated Discs –  The vertebrae that make up the spine have soft, spongy discs between them that act as a cushion. A single strain or injury can cause the disc to rupture or bulge out from between the joints. Like many other types of neck injuries, herniated discs might cause a broad range of symptoms that are either short-term or lifelong.
  • Ligament Injuries – Ligaments are bundles of connective tissue that connect bones to other bones. The ligament system in the neck is complex. Some ligament injuries cause debilitating pain.
  • Pinched Nerve – A pinched nerve can be very painful and debilitating. Often, it is a permanent condition that requires ongoing therapy. This type of neck injury can make even the simplest everyday activities challenging or impossible. A California neck injury lawyer will help you get the recovery you need to pay your current medical bills and any you need for the future. Get compensated for your pain and suffering and your lost wages so you can focus on treating your injury and your pain.
  • Neck Fracture – The cervical portion of the spine includes the top seven vertebrae that make up your neck. A neck fracture refers to a broken bone anywhere within the cervical vertebrae. Any neck fracture is a serious injury that requires immediate medical treatment. These injuries often require a long recovery process. If you are the primary source of income for your family, recovering from a neck fracture can cause you months’ worth of high medical bills without any source of financial support. Contact a California neck injury lawyer who will fight for your rights while you focus on getting the treatment you need.

Common Causes of Neck Injuries

The most common type of accident that causes neck injuries is automobile crashes. The high speeds that drivers travel and the force of impact during a wreck can cause serious damage to the neck. Blunt force trauma and falls can also cause similar injuries to the neck.

Even minor neck injuries can cause significant pain and affect every aspect of your life. More severe injuries can result in the need for round-the-clock care, accommodations to your home and vehicle, and the need for extensive medical and rehabilitation services. Few people have the financial resources they need to pay for this type of comprehensive care while they are unable to earn an income.

Why Neck Injuries Are So Serious

Neck injuries are some of the most serious injuries that people suffer. The neck is the cervical portion of the spine, and it is especially vulnerable to injuries due to its anatomy and flexibility. The force imparted when one vehicle strikes another one, or another object causes the head to swing forcefully in the direction away from the impact and then in the opposite direction. The direction and strength of the force determine the type and severity of the injury. In cases where there are multiple forces, as in vehicle rollovers, the injury might be to different types of tissue and other areas of the body.

Sometimes the extent of a neck injury isn’t initially apparent. Although you might only feel stiff or sore today, more severe symptoms might occur hours or days later. You should always seek medical treatment for any injury to your neck or back, even if it seems minor. If another person caused your neck injury, contact a California neck injury lawyer at Krasney Law.

What Not To Do in Case of A Neck Injury

If you or a family member suffered a neck injury because of an accident, even if it occurred a long time ago, it is very important that you consult a doctor immediately. The next thing you should do is retain the legal counsel of a knowledgeable California personal injury attorney.

Krasney Law personal injury attorney will ask you questions to find out how your neck or back injury happened. Your attorney will ask how the accident happened, the location and what you were doing there and any medical treatments. Be honest with your lawyer. If you have access to witnesses, newspaper articles or accident reports, gather them and provide them to the attorney.

What To Do In Case of a Neck Injury

If you encounter someone at the scene who was involved in an accident that resulted in your neck or back injury, be cooperative and courteous, but do not apologize or admit to any guilt. If you do you may be conceding you are liable.

Talk only to your lawyer, the police and your own insurance company about the accident. If another driver’s insurance company calls you, refer them to your lawyer or your own insurance company. Don’t speak with the other side’s insurance company without first calling our office. Please keep in mind, the insurance company will want to take a recorded statement to protect themselves, not you. They represent the people that injured you, and they are trying to reduce their financial liability.

Don’t give a recorded statement to anyone, especially insurance companies, they will use your own words against you later on in the case

What To Do After You Go Home

When you go home or soon after, contact your insurance company, and don’t lie or they may deny coverage if you’re caught. Obtain a copy of any police report.

If the neck or back injury occurred in an automobile or on a bicycle, photograph your vehicle and any damage to it. It can help a case to show the vehicle before the accident, too.

Make sure to record visits to doctors and other medical practitioners, the drugs and treatments they prescribe and what you spent on them. Pain and suffering are harder to quantify and qualify, but take notes on how you feel physically and mentally because of the impact of the injury.

Also write down all time lost at work, note what activities at work or home that you can no longer participate in, and tell how the aftermath of the wreck has affected your family life.

When Is a Neck Injury a Case of Personal Injury?

A personal injury is one that occurs to your body or mind because of someone else’s actions or inactions. Every neck injury isn’t a personal injury. If your neck injury occurred because of someone else’s negligence, they are legally liable for the damages you incurred.

The first step is to contact Krasney Law to schedule a free consultation. We will look at the evidence in your case and determine if the other person was at fault. Filing a claim won’t cost you anything up-front. The initial consultation is always free, and you don’t pay any fees unless we collect money for you.

Contact a Leading California Neck Injury Lawyer

Krasney Law is the leading law firm in California. We are located in San Bernardino, but our services extend to clients located anywhere in the state. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients and getting them the settlement they deserve. Don’t put your future in the hands of an attorney who doesn’t have the experience and skills to handle anything that comes about. We’ve got a long history of fighting for our clients and getting them the best results for their case. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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