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How Residual Injury Affect Your Accident Claim In California

A residual injury is not exactly a disability, but more of a symptom you will feel even after treatment, such as soreness in your joints because of a fracture or body pains and headaches depending where the injury occurred.

Because it is expected you will suffer from this residual injury after a traumatic car accident for a long time, it is possible for the amount of compensation you receive for your California car accident claim to increase. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can ensure you will get the highest compensation you deserve.

Residual Injuries

Different Kinds of Residual Injuries

The most common residual injuries are scars or disfigurement, either directly because of the accident, or because of the surgeries and treatments, they had to undergo following the accident. Residual injuries of this nature can have a negative effect on the victim, especially if it affects their face or ability to move. Filing a lawsuit is an option after such injuries.

Sometimes, scars can even make parts of the body less mobile. For example, if you had surgery on your shoulder, a large scar can make you lose part of your shoulder mobility, which can even impact your employment if you are an athlete, fireman or any profession requiring physical labor.

Unfortunately, it is also possible to suffer from joint pain following a car accident. Depending on the severity, the pain can be worse. The pain may last for a very long time, even after the injury healed affecting the quality of life of the victim.

What Can You Do?

If you have suffered some form of accident in California that has led to a residual injury, you are likely entitled to compensation for all your medical sufferings caused by the car accident. As such, you can add residual injuries to your claims.

Always have documentation and remember to save all information following your accident. It’s important at this time to provide sufficient medical evidence that the residual injury is directly caused by the accident. Medical records are the best way to prove this. Speak with your previous physicians for past records. When you get a diagnosis, your doctor will let you know if you can expect any residual consequences of your injuries or treatment, and it will be added to your medical file. Have medical proof is the best form of evidence in your California accident claim.

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Taking into account the pains you’ll be going through because of the residual injuries, the thought of getting involved in a difficult accident case is unappealing. But, to ensure your citizen’s rights are protected, it is vital to discuss your accident claim with an experienced California car accident lawyer for a free consultation.G