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California Uber Accident Lawyer

California Uber Accident Lawyer

When you book a ride with Uber, you have an expectation that the ride will be smooth, uneventful, and quick. Most of the time, you are able to enjoy that kind of ride. Unfortunately, there are also instances where you may need the services of an Uber accident lawyer. Contact Krasney Law for a free consultation today!

In this article, we will discuss the different things you need to do should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in an accident during an Uber ride. Out California Uber accident lawyers will talk about how you should act if you suspect something is wrong during your ride, as well as the actions you need to take in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

We hope you are never involved in any kind of Uber accident, but in case you are, the tips in this article should prove helpful.

Take Advantage of the Safety Features Built into the Uber App

All kinds of features are baked into the Uber app, and there’s a decent chance that you’re still unaware of some of them even if you are a frequent rider. Some of the seldom-used features are designed to keep you safe during the course of your ride.

Emergency Assistance Button

One of those features is the emergency assistance button. By hitting this emergency button, you can quickly share your location and the other important details of your trip with the local authorities, per Uber. The emergency button is essentially designed to prevent accidents from taking place.

Share My Trip

There’s another feature of the app that can help you out of a potentially tough spot in case your Uber driver does get into an accident. The feature in question is known as Share My Trip.

Share My Trip is actually a feature you will want to set up before you even start your ride. Using the feature, you can designate Trusted Contacts and opt to create reminders that will be sent to them. These reminders provide real-time status updates of your trip.

The feature is useful for telling the people you will meet if you are going to arrive on time. On top of that, it will also let them know if something has gone wrong with your trip.


One more feature present in the Uber app you should get to know is RideCheck.

RideCheck makes use of GPS and additional sensors to ascertain the current status of your trip and it can sense if something is wrong. After the RideCheck has started, notifications will be sent to both the driver and passenger. The notification will ask if everything is as it should be.

If you and your Uber driver have encountered problems during your trip, you can make use of the tools provided by the RideCheck to report it.

Act Accordingly in the Aftermath of an Uber Accident In California

Contacting an accident lawyer is something you should eventually do if you are involved in a crash or other kind of incident. Before you get to that though, there are other things you must take care of first.

Safety should always be your priority and that holds especially true after an accident has occurred. Check on yourself first and see how you are feeling. See if you have any wounds or other injuries.

If you are in good condition, check on your driver next to see how he/she is doing.

Once you’re done checking on everyone inside the car you were riding in, you can step outside and get a look at the people in the other car if another vehicle was involved. You can also look around and see if there may be pedestrians affected by the accident.

A crucial thing to remember: DO NOT move anyone who appears hurt. Doing so could put you at risk from a legal standpoint.

Instead of administering the help yourself, contact the police and the paramedics and let them take over. They will be the ones to administer first aid and survey the scene.

Try to acquire as much information as you can. Gather the contact information of everyone at the scene and make sure you take pictures. Do what you can to get clear pictures of the license plates of the vehicles involved as they are very important.

Ask the police officers at the scene for their names and badge numbers so you can contact them later when you need their report.

You must also avoid providing any recorded statements for now.

After accomplishing those things, you can head home, assuming that you aren’t in need of any medical attention. Resting up is important because you could have a legal battle ahead of you. Also, it’s about time that you get in touch with an accident lawyer.

Why You Need to Hire a California Uber Accident Lawyer ASAP

Uber is in the ridesharing business to make money, and while you would like to think that they will cover any medical bills you have and compensate you for what happened, it’s unlikely that they will do so without a fight.

At this point, people tend to get discouraged.

Upon realizing that Uber is not just going to offer compensation right away, many people prefer to just move on. You deserve that compensation though, and in order to receive it, you need to partner up with the right lawyer.

The personal injury lawyers at Krasney Law are legal experts who will fight to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to following an Uber accident. They will talk to the insurance agencies, to the authorities, and to any other lawyers involved so you can just focus on recovering from the accident.

One legal misstep can put you in a compromised position if you want to make claims after an Uber accident, which is why it’s best to get a California Uber accident attorney involved. Get in touch with Krasney Law right away and allow them to fight this legal battle on your behalf.