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Determining Fault in a Multiple Car Accident

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of a multiple car accident, it can be extremely confusing to determine who exactly is at fault or the source of the collisions. In California, there are simple rules in place to determine who is at fault, but it comes down to a problem of who caused the pileup to begin with. Understanding who is at fault can actually be a really easy task, even in a multi-car accident involving three or more cars. Ultimately, it can be decided by asking all of the drivers involved one simple question.

multiple cars in an accident

In most scenarios, the person who is at fault is almost always the person who caused the accident at the rear. No matter the case, always remember to contact your car accident lawyer for the best advice in town. What happens is that one driver runs into the back of another one, and that person’s car is forced forward into the car in front of them. Because only the car that started the initial chain reaction would be at fault, they would be responsible for the charges that are incurred for the entire accident.

What Is Personal Injury Protection? (PIP)

California does not require drivers to have personal injury protection. Although in some states, especially those which use Personal Injury Protection, the fault in an accident may be divided between two or more of the drivers involved. In a situation like this, the insurance adjusters or even the police officer that was at the scene and writes the report can determine the amount of fault per driver. For example, one person may be deemed to be 80% at fault, while another driver takes the remaining 20% of the blame. In many cases in California, it is a possibility for many people involved in the chain reaction accidents to share responsibility. After all, if you were not forced into another car. you may be at fault for some negligence or distracted driving.

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If you were in a multi-car accident and are being blamed you have the right to defend yourself. Contact Krasney Law and speak to a car accident lawyer for legal advice and possible representation or your insurance company and explain your position on the matter. If you are able to make a convincing point, your amount of fault could be reduced or completely thrown out of the equation. Before you challenge the ruling, though, make sure that you have a valid point, because trying to pass the blame on when it is really your fault could land you in court on fraud charges. For a free consultation contact (909) 380-7200 today. We are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.