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PTSD After A Serious Accident

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by a traumatic events such as car accidents

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PTSD is not the same as any physical injury. The way people handle the stress of the event differs from person to person. While some people can recover and move on, others may be plagued by the fear and anxiety that the event created. That anxiety can manifest into a condition known as a post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a recognized illness that drastically reduces the quality of life for those who suffer from it. If you, or someone in your family, have been diagnosed with PTSD after a car crash in California, contact a California car accident attorney to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And How It Affects You

Traumatic accidents can cause about 9% of their survivors to develop serious PTSD symptoms and countless others to experience milder reactions. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by a catastrophic traumatic event. People who suffer symptoms usually experience flashbacks and relive the moment of the accident.

Anyone who develops PTSD after a car accident will show a variety of different symptoms, but it can be difficult to tell right after the accident. Only in time will the victim know if they are experiencing forms of PTSD. They could be unable to stop thinking about how it occurred almost like a broken record player. Certain triggers such as loud bangs or brakes coming to a screeching stop will cause the symptoms to worsen. Sleep disturbances are common and some will even avoid sleep because of distressing dreams. Even the ordinary act of entering a vehicle could be met with anxiety. No matter the case, PTSD affects people a day to day life and well being without even realizing it.

Is PTSD Compensable With The Help Of A Lawyer?

The quick answer is Yes. However, proving that someone is suffering from PTSD is not something easily done. While PTSD is a well-known disorder, many still believe that it will dissipate on its own. While true in mild cases, severe PTSD typically needs psychiatric treatment and in some cases prescription medication in order to ease the symptoms. A personal injury attorney will need to show the defense your medical record and provide sworn statements from accepted experts as to the development and current state of your illness as well as the possible prognosis. Do not be afraid to speak with your local personal injury attorney for any questions you may have.

Get Compensation For Your PTSD With The Help Of Krasney Law!

Unlike physical pain and injuries, they are fairly easy to recognize and accept as a result of a traumatic accident. Proving mental anxiety is difficult and may require testimony from family and friends who knew the plaintiff prior to the event. Consult with a car accident attorney in California if someone you love has developed a significant change in behavior since their car accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder has the potential to be just as debilitating as a broken bone. The patient deserves to be treated for it, and the liable driver should be responsible to provide compensation for that. Get help as soon as you can, don’t wait,

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