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Bicycle helmets reduce injuries and deaths

Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces injuries and deaths, statistics show. Many government entities advise their use, but California requires helmet use only in those under age 18. (Wikimedia Commons photo) Bicycle helmets reduce injuries and deaths, though by how much is disputed. In California the only people who must wear helmets while riding bikes are
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How to Ride more Safely on a Bicycle

Learn how to ride more safely on a bicycle so you don’t end up a statistic. Note that this rider is not as far right as he can go, which may seem bad but is not. (Wikimedia Commons photo) To give an idea of how dangerous bicycle riding is, only 1 percent of trips in
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What Steps Should Drivers who Get in Accidents Take?

The ugly, painful reality of auto accidents is they happens to more than 15,000 Americans every day. Most motorists have been in a crash either as a driver or passenger. In fact, statistics say all drivers who live an average lifespan can expect at least one accident in their lifetime. When you’re in an accident
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Top Steps to Reduce the Chances of an Auto Accident

Wear your seatbelt, slow down, don’t drink and take it easy when roads are snowy, wet or icy. (Wikimedia Commons photo) The hazards of getting in an accident caused by negligent drivers are many. Some reasons drivers cause crashes are by speeding, being intoxicated or inattentive, or using a cell phone. More than 2.3 million
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California ‘dooring’ Law Places Liability with Motorists, not Bicyclists

Bicyclists face many hazards on California roads, including “dooring”—when motorists open doors in their face and cause a crash. California law says motorists are liable in cases of dooring. Bicyclists face many hazards on California roads, including car doors opening right in their path as they travel down the road. Being “doored,” as it’s called,
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motorcycle accident

A motorcycle is the most dangerous type of vehicle to drive. Motorcyclists face extreme danger when they crash and are far more likely to be injured or die than people in trucks and cars. And the danger is increasing. The Institute for Highway Safety reports there were more than twice as many fatal motorcycle wrecks
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California law protects dog-bite victims with a strict law that places liability for damages on dog owners. (Wikimedia Commons photo) Dogs bite about 4.5 million people in the United States each year, and more dog bites occur in California than in any other state. In addition to being terrifying and emotionally traumatic, dog attacks can
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Are you Going to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Human life is always threatened by unexpected mishaps and you may face an auto accident or a sudden fall from the staircase anytime. In most of the cases, it becomes hard to manage with all of the hospital & ambulance bills coming Often times the negligence and liability is very evident, however, the insurance company
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