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Usually the Driver who Rear-Ends is Negligent

If you’re rear-ended, consider calling Krasney Law in Banning, California, for a free consultation. In most cases the one who hit you in the rear is at fault. (Image by And over Volunteer Fire Department) Usually in California, when a driver rear-ends another car he is determined to be negligent, though there are some exceptions.
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Should bikers swerve, brake or ride right over an object image

             Krasney Law of San Bernardino can help motorcyclists anywhere in California who get in accidents recover medical expenses and other types of compensation. (Wikimedia Commons photo by Muc10) Motorcycle riders unfortunately sometimes are faced with a critical decision on whether to swerve, brake or ride right over an obstacle in their path. What should
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Truck Crash

About 4,000 U.S. residents every year or 11 people every day are killed in accidents involving large trucks. In addition, more than 70,000 people are injured yearly in large-truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Trucks weigh 20 times as much as passenger vehicles and are huge in comparison. When there is
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Pedestrians are advised to walk on the shoulder or as far to the right as possible, facing traffic, when there are no sidewalks or walking paths available. (Wikimedia Commons photo) There were 4,735 pedestrian deaths in the United States in 2013, and more than 150,000 emergency room visits because of pedestrian-vs.-vehicle accidents. Many of these
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automobile accident

An unfortunate hit and run in Venice Beach resulted in a death in 2013. (Wikimedia Commons photo) If you are the victim of a hit-and-run automobile accident, the situation can be complicated. But there are some things you can do to help remedy an unfortunate situation. A hit and run occurs when a driver flees
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Court House

The Riverside County Courthouse (Wikimedia Commons photo) If you’re like other motorists injured in car accidents, you will have many questions at your initial, free consultation with Krasney Law: Personal Injury Specialists in Riverside. Among the questions you may have: Who decides who was at fault in the accident? How do I go about seeing
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Should you Hire a Lawyer to Settle an Accident Claim?

   In case of severe injuries, experts advise auto accident victims to hire an attorney. (Wikimedia  Commons photo)  If you’ve been in an auto accident and have suffered considerably physically and mentally and have lost money because of medical bills, time off work and property damage, should you hire a lawyer to handle your accident
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Bicycle helmets reduce injuries and deaths

Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces injuries and deaths, statistics show. Many government entities advise their use, but California requires helmet use only in those under age 18. (Wikimedia Commons photo) Bicycle helmets reduce injuries and deaths, though by how much is disputed. In California the only people who must wear helmets while riding bikes are
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How to Ride more Safely on a Bicycle

Learn how to ride more safely on a bicycle so you don’t end up a statistic. Note that this rider is not as far right as he can go, which may seem bad but is not. (Wikimedia Commons photo) To give an idea of how dangerous bicycle riding is, only 1 percent of trips in
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What Steps Should Drivers who Get in Accidents Take?

The ugly, painful reality of auto accidents is they happens to more than 15,000 Americans every day. Most motorists have been in a crash either as a driver or passenger. In fact, statistics say all drivers who live an average lifespan can expect at least one accident in their lifetime. When you’re in an accident
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