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Walk and Ride Bicycles

Statistics compiled by the U.S. government show it is getting more dangerous to walk and ride bicycles. (Wikimedia photo/Tomwsulcer) California is a great state for both walking and bicycling because of the weather and so much natural beauty. But as elsewhere in the United States, the rising number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents is making
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Bicycle helmets reduce injuries and deaths

Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces injuries and deaths, statistics show. Many government entities advise their use, but California requires helmet use only in those under age 18. (Wikimedia Commons photo) Bicycle helmets reduce injuries and deaths, though by how much is disputed. In California the only people who must wear helmets while riding bikes are
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California ‘dooring’ Law Places Liability with Motorists, not Bicyclists

Bicyclists face many hazards on California roads, including “dooring”—when motorists open doors in their face and cause a crash. California law says motorists are liable in cases of dooring. Bicyclists face many hazards on California roads, including car doors opening right in their path as they travel down the road. Being “doored,” as it’s called,
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