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Samaritan Law

California’s Good Samaritan Law gives quite a bit of protection to people who help crash victims, but not as much as it used to. ( photo by m. anima) The first impulse of many people when they see an accident is to help people injured in the crash. But can you be sued for helping
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personal injury attorney

A personal injury case could end up before a jury in a courtroom like this in the Santa Barbara County, California, courthouse. (Wikimedia photo by Dan Lindsay) The factors that enter into monetary damages for personal injury cases are determined in part by how badly the plaintiff is injured and the degree of liability of
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wrongful death

California law says a wrongful death happens if the deceased was killed by “the wrongful act or neglect of another.” If you think this applies to a loved one, call Krasney Law so we can assess your case. (Wikimedia Commons photo by specchio.nero) If a family member was killed because of another person’s negligence, you
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auto accident

Violations of road rules and legal assessments of the conduct of motorists help authorities determine who is at fault in car accidents. Drivers are presumed negligent if they were impaired by alcohol, for example. In other cases, the negligence is not so easy to determine. (Wikimedia photo by CGP Grey) What is involved in determining
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Personal Injury Lawyer San Bernardino

That smiling, friendly, warm, affable insurance adjuster who assures you he’s offering you the best settlement you can possibly get in many cases is a two-faced liar trying to get away with paying out as little as possible. An adjuster is not your friend. Insurance adjusters are adversaries of policyholders making a claim and are
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Pedestrians can be Found Partly at Fault in Accidents

These pedestrians are walking at an intersection, as is proper. The woman at left, however, is walking against a red light. If she were hit by a car, she could be found at least partly at fault if there were an accident. (Wikimedia Commons photo by Charvex) When a car or other automobile hits a
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drive drunk

Which is worse – drinking or texting and driving? The numbers don’t exactly correlate, but more people are killed in drunken driving accidents than texting accidents, even though the risk of a crash is greater while texting. About 300,000 U.S. residents drive drunk every day, and only about 3,200 of them are arrested. That’s 3.6
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What are Your Rights when Injured on Public Transport?

The bus must be in safe operating condition, and in California bus drivers are held to a higher standard of care for their passengers than the general public is. (Wikimedia Commons photo by Mulad) If you are injured on a bus or other public transportation in California, you may be able to obtain compensation for
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